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If you are looking to sell your junk / scrap car for good money, or free scrap car removal in your city, then we are here to provide you professional towing services. We are giving top cash for scrap cars in Edmonton. You can earn up to $5000 in cash for your scrap car today. We are well reputed scrap car towing company that will pay you the most handsome amount for your junk car. Just Call right away to the Edmonton’s best scrap car recyclers and get cash for your junk vehicle.

We buy scrap cars for cash, scrap vans, scrap trucks and any old vehicle you may want to get rid of. JAB Towing Edmonton offers 24/7 junk car pickup in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas. So if you are asking around, “which junk car removal company will buy my junk car in Edmonton for the most money”, or “where can I sell my junk car in Edmonton against handsome amount” You will often hear our name come up, JAB Towing Edmonton!


Our Work Criteria

Get up to $5000 for Your Scrap Car!


JAB Towing Edmonton guarantees to give you the most money for your junk vehicles in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas. Call us to get a quick junk car removal quote today.
Our prices for your junk car are up to $5000, including pickup and removal in Edmonton.
If you require more junk vehicles to be removed we will give you an even better deal. We pay the most cash for truck recycling, van recycling and larger vehicle removals in Edmonton and the Surrounding areas.

Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Scrap car

Most Canadians are not aware that an old scrap car which has been sitting on a piece of land carries many harmful chemicals and materials that can seep into the landfill and pollute the Canadian land and water systems. At JAB Towing Edmonton we implement an eco-friendly scrap car recycling program, which ensures that all the parts from your old scrap car are recycled and re-used in an environmentally friendly manner. By choosing JAB Towing Edmonton you help preserve Canada one scrap vehicle at a time! We are Canadian Ey! 


We pay cash for any kind, shape or age of a car, from anywhere in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

At JAB Towing Edmonton, not only do we pick up and tow away your unwanted scrap car to our recycling facility in Edmonton, we will also pay you cash for it! You can get paid $150 to $5,000 for your car or truck, whether it runs or not. We are an eco-friendly disposal facility and auto wrecking scrap yard, paying top dollar for your old clunker.


What Happens to My Scrap Car?

We offer free scrap vehicle removal and towing throughout Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas, bringing your old junker to our 20,000-square foot facility where we will salvage what we can and dispose of the rest in an efficient and responsible manner:


– All fluids are drained
– Freon is evacuated
– Tires are picked up by a government-certified hauler
– Useable parts are removed
– The metal is crushed and recycled


Selling your car to us is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get cash—and quick and easy removal of your scrap car is only a phone call away! You will see no one alike us; because we are offering our services very openly. we offer good service & free towing to remove your vehicle.


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